[emBASE] New version installed

Author: Sajoscha - Published At: 10-03-2015 13:28 - (1146 Reads)

We installed a new emBASE version (1.4.0). Some of the changes are:

  • Structure of the right side menu
  • Added new Biomaterial merge functionality
  • Updates in the locking/unlocking of sequencing data
  • Updates in the archiving module
  • Automatic loading of demultiplexed files coming from the GeneCoreBridge
  • Bugfixes

Enjoy the new version and as always: If you encounter problems or have questions, don't hesitate to contact the GBCS (gbcs@embl.de)


[Galaxy] Add your own custom genome

Author: Jelle - Published At: 04-02-2015 10:40 - (1103 Reads)

Galaxy allows you to use your own reference genomes, helpful if your reference is not standard or just not yet available in our Galaxy instance. You can follow the guide Add Custom Genomes to add your own!


Jelle is 29 today !

Author: girardot - Published At: 27-01-2015 14:06 - (1044 Reads)

Happy Birthday Jelle

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