[emBASE] New functionality for emBASE

Author: Sajoscha - Published At: 27-10-2015 16:08 - (1293 Reads)
  • Changing the QC flag on an sequencing assay does now also change the related RawBioAssay (rba) QC flags. If an assay is flagged failed, all rbas are also flagged failed. If you flag an assay passed, all rbas are flagged passed if they all were NA before.
  • It is now possible to update QC flags for RawBioAssays in batch on the rba list page and the sequencing assay page.
  • The state of an experiment, that says wether the experiment is active or not, is now visible on the experiment list page. Also you can search for experiments with a specific state.

[Jemulitplexer] USE_EMBASE mode available

Author: GBCS - Published At: 28-05-2014 17:01 - (1365 Reads)

Jemultiplexer USE_EMBASE allows to demultiplex a lane files using emBASE-stored barcode information and place sample files at the right place in your emBASE-managed group NGS library

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