[STOCKS] Stocks release January 2017

Author: Jelle - Published At: 01-02-2017 16:53 - (1617 Reads)

In January we released a new version of Stocks. This version, in comparison to 0.3RC:

  • supports multiple groups
  • public items
  • controlled vocabulary pictures
  • numbers and ranges with controlled units
  • numerous bug fixes.

For all changes see the release notes (internal only).


[SERVER] Centos6.5 + LSF + Docker

Author: jelle - Published At: 30-10-2015 09:46 - (1889 Reads)

Beginning of this month we updated our servers Spinoza and Schroedinger to CentOS6.5. With this change we enabled Docker on all compute servers and we updated our Storage policy. In addition, they now all use the new EMBL cluster.

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