We’d like to give a short practical session on using our NGS data management platform “emBASE” 
When : this Thursday (12 March) at 11h 
Where : room V207 
Agenda : After a short introduction, we will show how to 
(1) annotate samples (with the new interface), link protocols, add/remove datasets to/from experiments
(2) easily get (link) and add files from/back in emBASE with the command line tools — especially interesting for computational people
(3) delete, archive data files (fastq, bam) 
(4) how to properly load data for existing samples
NGS data owner and people planning on generating such data in the course of their project are highly encouraged to join. 
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have specific questions that you’d like to be addressed during the demo. 
We hope to see you there !