This update addressed the situation when you have the same library(-ies) sequenced in multiple lanes of the same flowcell i.e. the same GCBridge form contains several filesets that are technical replicates.  The correct way to register replicates in emBASE in such a situation is:

  1. Fill in information for one and only one of the replicate lanes (other lanes that are not replicates must also be given ! ). Click the Skip this file set submission for now on the other replicate lanes.
  2. Submit the form
  3. Wait for the sample(s)/extract(s)/librar(-ies) to be register in emBASE i.e. wait for the email confirming the upload in emBASE
  4. Return to the page and fill in information for the remaining replicate lanes but make sure to reuse the sample/extract/library that have been created in emBASE.

PS: This was not possible to perform up-to-now since you had to submit the GCBridge form with all information, resulting in the duplication of samples in emBASE instead of re-using a unique sample entry.