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On this page you can find tutorials and information about emBASE functionalities and modules.

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Tutorials / How-to

Submit your NGS Data to public repository (EBI Arrayexpress)

This page explains how to  get your data ready for deposition in public repository

Transfer Data to EBI ArrayExpress

Time to submit data to EBI? You first need to create the MAGE-TAB document. Here is then how you transfer files to EBI by FTP

Import Analysis Results in emBASE

A new plug-in in emBASE is available. It allows you to store your result data for NGS experiments. An in-depth explanation can be found here

With that plug-in, you can also upload a full analysis report folder as described here

NGS Data Management

Biomaterial (samples, protocols ...)

Experiments / Projects and Archiving Data to Tape

In Situ Images Module 

  • In situ storage: Storage and visualization of in situ assays
  • Batch create ISH assays : this describes how you can prepare a spreadsheet to create multiple ISH assays in one click.

Microarray module


User Manuals



  • Naming convention in emBASE : Get File
  • MIAME Unit Symbol Table : Get File
  • Guidelines on how to build a GAL file : Get File

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