cellBASE is the LIMS system for the ALMF. It stores the whole process of an imaging experiment. From the design and ordering of the plates to the storage and visualization of the images. If you have further questions please contact Sajoscha Sauer or Faba Neumann.

Get a login for cellBASE: Send a mail to the administrator

cellBASE is based on the EMBL version of BASE, emBASE. cellBASE was started in 2007 by Sajoscha Sauer for the MitoCheck project. In 2009 Ruben Gomez started working on the project for 3 years.

Embase user manual (outdated):

Image Cellbase User Manual

Get some more information about cellBASE and modules:

  • Script to update the ensembl version: it is available in the cellBASE bin folder. It checks all reporters and updates the gene symbol, gene name and ensembl id. Only reporters that are not marked 'negative control' are updated.
  • Transfer tool to get your images from the microscope to cellBASE
  • ImageJ plugin to view your images
  • Image converion within cellBASE

External tools and scripts: