Courses and Workshops

Here is a list of training, and associated materials, organised by GBCS or in which GBCS took part. 

Chromatin Signatures during Differentiation: Integrated Omics Approaches to Neuronal Development (August-Sept 2016).

Covered the ChIP-seq data analysis Session. 

Scientific Data Management Workshop (29th June 2016) 

Check out the tutorial material at https://git.embl.de/stamper/data-management-course

Introduction to Snakemake (4th Feb 2016) 

Check out the tutorial material at https://git.embl.de/schwarzl/snakemake-tutorial


Introduction to ChIP-seq Analysis (12 - 15 October 2015) 

As part of the EMBL Introductory Course: Statistical Bioinformatics using R and Bioconductor

Teachers : Charles and Jelle

Full Presentation :  powerpoint slides

Lab directives : powerpoint slides



Presentations and usefull materials 

This material is available here