STOCKS: Solution for lab stocks management

You can start using STOCKS immediately using your EMBL credentials.

=> Contact us if you need new stock types (fly lines, primers ...) or want to customize existing ones (add new fields, new vocabulary in select options)

Quick Overview

  • Lab stock management for following sub-categories:
    •  Consumables: items that you buy and use in your experiments
    •  Specimen: your living stock i.e. from which you derive samples
    •  Equipment: devices or instruments, some distinguished by a  to indicate a storageable equipment (e.g. a fridge)
  • New consumable, specimen or equipment sub-types can be easily added, with all desired custom fields. Simply get in touch with us.
  • Free and Advanced searches available on all stock list pages. Check help available on every searchable table
  • Customizable display of all tables (item per page, columns to show)
  • Controlled vocabulary whenever applicable. Tell us if you are missing a term in a drop-down
  • Exact stock location can be provided for all stock items. A location can be a room or any storage equipment, and additional information can also be saved.


Bulk operations and batch loading of stock items are the first targets. Next steps involve the addition of a sample management module (with protocols), ability of adding an unlimited number of annotations and file attachments to any stock item. Further, a dataset and bioassay (e.g. to support sequencing or any other kind of raw data) module will be added. Finally, experiment and project management will be provided and STOCKS will replace emBASE.
Our goal is to build a fundamental data management platform at lab or institution level that developers can use, customize, extend and tailor to the needs of their users.