We provide training and material on our tools i.e. Galaxy and emBASE, NGS data analysis and induction of new GB members.


Visit our new Service Page on the Intranet

Not everything can be disclosed on the web, for obvious security issues. We therefore maintain other pages, on the intranet, that tell you how-to perform common tasks and describe our services with the details that you need to get things going!

Simply go to https://gbservices.embl.de

Just started at EMBL ?

Check out our New@GB page, this will give you an overview of the EMBL / GB Unit computational set up. A MUST read !

Resources for emBASE and associated components

Introduction to our NGS Ecosystem 

Please visit the NGS Ecosystem page; in particular, check powerpoint presentation and videos available in the bottom section !


To learn more about emBASE and its associated components, visit our tutorials page


To discover how to use emBASE and its associated components, visit our tutorials page.


To find out more information about important scripts and helpers, visit our tutorials page.

User Manuals

To download user manuals about emBASE and its associated components, visit our tutorials page.

Resources for Galaxy


To learn more about Galaxy, visit our tutorials page.


To access Galaxy training material, visit our tutorials page.

Other Tutorials

Guides to our website and ticketing system

Guide to our support ticket system

Guide to our website