Database and (web) application development

We have several years of experience in database design and web application development. For example, we are developping or have developped:

  • emBASE and BASELoader
  • GCBridge
  • maSRep
  • Furlong Stock Db
  • and many more components

Our projects are usually leveraging on PHP, JAVA (Hibernate, Spring, JSP), Python, HTML, Javascript, MySQL...

So if you feel in need to discuss design options, database issues, web app development or anything related to software development in general, just talk to us !

Data analysis

What we can offer ...

  • We help finding the right solution for your data analysis (NGS and other kind!)
  • We install the libraries and/or Galaxy tools you need to boost your analysis
  • We can help you developing powerful Galaxy workflows; or simply modify our publicly available workflows to match your needs
  • We can even perform stdandard analysis for you (NGS, sequence analysis, gene list testing...)! 

Genomic Data Visualization

You don't know how to visualize your data?

You wonder how to share your data with collaborators.

You have a scalibity issue i.e you have too many datasets ?

You want a cool genome browser hosting all your public data, accessible to everyone inside or outside EMBL?

Well, you can also talk to us smile  

Data Management

Data management is the core of our business. For years.

We can help you organize the data in your lab to optimize space usage, traceability and reproducibility.