Add Custom Genomes

Adding Custom Genomes


For different reasons the reference genome you want to use may not be available in Galaxy. If you think its a genome that is of interest to a broader audience you may want to request the genome to be integrated into Galaxy. This can be done through this page, just open a ticket and GBCS will follow up.

If however, they are too slow or unwilling to include your reference, you may want to follow the following steps to start working with your reference in Galaxy. Do notice however, that this may not work for all tools - please notify GBCS of any tools not supporting this.


Get the fasta file

The first thing you need to do is get the wanted reference genome fasta(unzipped) file in your Galaxy history. Here GBCS may offer you some help by importing the appropriate file in a data library so you can import it from there. Alternatively, you can ofcourse upload the reference into your own history using the 'Get Data->Upload file" tool.

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